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Discussion in 'Colt Revolvers' started by OIF2, Dec 27, 2009.

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    Here's a nice 1st Gen SAA that was abused in the 50's and turned into a poorly nickled "fast draw" gun. I got it really cheap and started looking for parts. I came up with a new-in-wrap SAA 2nd Gen .38 Special cylinder and barrel and sent it off to Eddie Janis to work his magic on. I got back a superb .38 shooter that is simply gorgeous. Eddie rust-blued it and used the bone and charcoal method on the case-colors. Cylinder was beveled in the style of the early guns. It shoots to POA with factory wadcutters at 25 yds (only thing I shoot in this old-timer, from 1913). It lettered as a .38-40 4.75" B/CC and it now has a new lease on life as an inexpensive .38 shooter. Enjoy!

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    Beautiful. I LOVE it when an old gun is returned to service. Thats what they were made for!
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    Very nice Bob.
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    Looks good
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    I had a brand-new 2nd Gen .38 Special barrel and cylinder that I had Eddie Janis install. I wanted a nice SAA to shoot, but I wanted cheap ammo, too. I have a ton of factory .38 wadcutters, so I had it converted to .38 Special. I have other SAAs, but this one is cheap, accurate and pleasant to shoot. The .44s and .45s usually stay in the safe.
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    What he said.:D
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    Very nice.:thumb:

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