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    I stopped over at my Dads house today and he has this old .22 revolver. He had it media blasted/polished/blued(see pics). He has had this old gun for years. I never knew what it brand it is until today, still really don't know. LOL
    Says on one side "Herters Guide Model" then on the other side "made in germany" Other than the .22LR stamp on the barrel, it doesnt say much.
    You'll also see the black-powder pistol above the picture. Both guns are in working order.
    03-12-09_1519.jpg 03-12-09_1521.jpg

    Excuse the crappy cell ph pics. I'll get some clearer ones with a camera next time I go. The 22 really looks great. He has this whole room done in a "western theme". Cowboy hats, black powder pistols, .50 cal black powder rifles, Old time sheriff badges, and old west money, just to name a few things. It really looks pretty cool.
  2. mycar47562

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    thats pretty kool looking gun
  3. HoneyB

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    If that is a Herter's SA22, it is the same manufacturer as a Reck Model 12.
    That's all I could find in my books.

    BADAZV Jeff RevolverForums User

    Thanks. I did a very quick search on the web, and I didn't find much on it. Dad isn't really wanting to know anything about it, but I just happen to see it today and got curious. It looks pretty good with the body media blasted and the barrel blue.

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